Research & Development

Developing a new solution that suits your ideas. Solving any problem, Make your desire come true.

IoT Solution

We are partners with a telecommunication provider that can bring you great service together with our perfect hardware customization as you need

Geographic Information System

We have a strong background in the GIS field. We can provide the best GIS solution & service at a reasonable cost that does not break the bank


With our comprehensive experiences in IT, GIS, electronics, Transportation, and any subject that may suit you. We can give hints with expedite to your success

Environment Monitoring Solution

Cooperated with the great universities and Laboratories in many successful projects on environmental monitoring. Especially Particle sensing (PM2.5) to improve the quality of life

Custom Courses

To develop employees in your organization. We can deliver courses that depend on your goal or even your heart!

Our ShowCase

We’ve worked passionately on many citizens' healthcare projects to help improve their quality of life. Sustainable development and Society safety are our focus, also our customer satisfaction is our goal.


According to AIS-DEPA more than 200 devices have been deployed in the project. We’ve supplied our pround of Outdoor PM2.5 monitoring units along with customized and calibrated espectially for this model.

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Cobike is a bicycle sharing platform in Bangkok. The service area are around Siam - Samyan District also an applications on App Store / Google Play that you will need for a ride. Cobike is one of CHULA Smart City.

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CUsense in this project we’ve a chance to working with Engineering Department Chulalongkron University to produced prototype to real devices and deployed at NAN province, Northern of Thailand. Almost 100 devices has been deployed since 2016 and send all the Environment data like Temperature / Humidity / Particle matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) to the backend at

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RefreshSiam was the research to social work process. Co-operation as an assistant in CU Particle Monitoring @NAN bring the know-how to produced the PM2.5 Particle Monitoring devices.

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